I'm used to lecturing in front of students who are constantly distracted by facebook, text messages, and video games.  As such, I've learned to keep my presentations fun, interesting, and relevant!  Here's an example of a quick talk I gave to the Ontario Non-profit Network:

In addition to my sustainable investing workshops, here are a few examples of presentations I routinely give:

The Green Transition Scoreboard® (1hr lecture + 30mins Q&A)

The global green economy has seen private investments of $5.2 Trillion since 2007.  Yes, that's trillions with a 'T'.  The green economy is much larger than most people realize!  As Director of Research for the Green Transition Scoreboard®, Tim Nash paints a compelling image of humanity's ongoing transition from the dirty dinosaur economy into a clean green economy.  This is a good news lecture that will inspire your group.

The Business Case for Sustainability (1hr lecture + 1hr workshop)

For audiences at the beginning stages of their sustainability journey, this workshop provides a breakdown of how common sustainability initiatives will impact your company's income statement.  It arms you with the right language to discuss sustainability strategies with CFOs and financial managers.

How Sustainability Affects Your Stock Price (1hr lecture + 1hr workshop)

Globally, investors with $34 trillion under management have signed the UN's Principles for Responsible Investments.  As investors integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data into their valuation models, sustainability indicators are playing a bigger role in stock price performance.  This workshop provides details into how investment analysts are using your sustainability data, and will help you prioritize initiatives that will make your stock price rise.

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