Organic Couch Potato Portfolio

Investing comes with risk. This article is a general discussion of the merits and risks associated with these ETFs, not a specific recommendation. Speak to an investment professional and make sure your portfolio is diversified. Tim Nash owns shares of PZD and a Solar Bond in his personal portfolio. Tim does not own shares of the other ETFs mentioned in this article.

This portfolio is a simple version of a typical Canadian Couch Potato portfolio, but uses funds that incorporate a strong sustainability lens.  The portfolio is very diversified, yet places a strong bet on the emergence of a low-carbon economy.  The total annual cost of this portfolio is 0.24%. The weighted average carbon intensity of this portfolio is 55.31 tons of CO2 per million dollars in revenue.


Asset Class


Name and website
Canadian Equity 15% iShares ESG Advanced MSCI Canada Index ETF
US Equity 15% iShares ESG Advanced MSCI USA Index ETF
Int'l Equity (developed) 10% iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EAFE Index ETF
Int'l Equity (emerging) 5% iShares ESG Advanced MSCI EM ETF
Green Equity 15% Invesco Cleantech™ ETF
Canadian Bonds 30% BMO Government Bond Index ETF
Solar Bonds 10% SolarShare Community Bonds


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commented 2021-02-26 16:44:11 -0500
I spoke to Invesco, and they told me that individual securities are capped at 5% (thank goodness) in the msci global environment select index, compared to the msci global environment index which has Tesla at 40%.

Will need to confirm after the 1st day of trading when the new index kicks in, but I feel much better about it.
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