A Big Green Ray of Hope

It wasn’t that long ago that the green economy was seen as an outlier.  Traditionalists were banking on the rebuild of established sectors like automotive and finance.  The green economy was readily dismissed as tiny and although it might one day be important, that day was far off in the future.  Well, the future is here my friends.  Since 2009, I’ve been tracking the growth of the global green economy through the Green Transition Scoreboard®.  Every six months, I hunt for the best research to quantify private investments in the following sectors - Renewable Energy, Efficiency, Green Construction, Green Research & Development, and Cleantech.  Back in 2009, research was scarce and I had to scrounge for numbers.  Now, I’m finding robust numbers from some of the most respectable market research firms.  My initial finding of $1.4 trillion has blossomed into a massive $5.2 trillion.  Read the latest press release here.

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Why Invest in Water?

Many of my environmentalist friends question whether it’s right to put a price on water. They see water as sacred, and get upset when I talk about it as a commodity.

My standard response? We already have several prices on water, so get with the program.

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Fredericton Presentation - Sustainable Investing

My east coast tour wrapped up today with a great presentation at the Fredericton Convention Centre. A giant thank you to the Co-operative Enterprise Council of New Brunswick, the Pond-Deshpande Centre, the Economic and Social Inclusion Network, and OMISTA Credit Union.

It was a well-received presentation, followed by a great World Cafe dialogue facilitated by the lovely Amanda Haché. Here are the presentation slides:

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Social Finance 101

I'm getting ready to present to a packed house at The Hub Halifax.  The topic is Social Finance 101, and we've got lots of social entrepreneurs in the house ready to learn how they can finance their organizations.  I've taken the presentation I gave last week in Moncton, and added some local content. 

Here's the presentation:

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Social Finance Tools

Here is my presentation from the Co-operative Enterprise Council New Brunswick's annual general meeting. My presentation covers social finance tools that will help co-ops finance start-up and expansion. Topics include social enterprise, crowdfunding, microloans, CEDIFs, community bonds, and social impact bonds.


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Reimagining the Non-Profit Sector

The non-profit sector does so much good in the world, why the heck do they define themselves in the negative?  Of course this sector is suffering from an identity crisis!  Even though the sector accounts for 7% of Canada’s GDP - a bigger share than our extractive resource industry -  it doesn’t get the attention or influence it deserves.

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Toronto's First Impact Investment Fair

So thrilled to present in front of more than 130 people at last night's event graciously hosted by the Centre for Social Innovation - Regent Park!

It was a fun-filled event, showcasing 13 different impact investment leaders.  Here is my slideshow from the evening:

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Journey to the Cree Village Ecolodge

IMG_0098.jpgAlmost three years ago, I met Randy Kapashesit, Chief of the MoCreebec people.  We grabbed a coffee in Toronto near UofT.  We got to talking, and ended up spending a couple of hours chatting about the idea of a sustainable local economy.  Randy loved it when I told him that economics and ecology share the same greek root - oikos - meaning ‘household’.  Economics means the management of the household (ensuring food, budgeting, etc.) while ecology means the study of the household (this land, our home).  We laughed at the absurdity of separating economics from environment, especially here in Canada where the environment IS the economy.  He loved the idea of biomimcy and hoped that the MoCreebec could mimic a thriving ecosystem, teeming with beauty and life.

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Sexy Green MegaProject #5 – Geothermal in Iceland

eruption.jpgSize = Up to 12 GW; Cost = ??

Completion Date: ??

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