Radical Generosity in Action

The deadline to participate in the first round of SheEO’s Radical Generosity program is Friday Nov.27th. Act now if you want in! 

Close your eyes and imagine a world where everyone is being radically generous. Where people are giving to each other without expecting anything in return. 

It’s a completely different economy. Instead of scarcity, we have abundance. Instead of austerity, we have sharing. It changes the energy of our interactions, and brings communities closer together. 

The love economy exists, but it’s harder to measure and is readily dismissed by mainstream economists. Even what people call the ‘sharing economy’ often falls short of the mark.

I’m excited by the concept of Radical Generosity, and have decided to sponsor my sister for the SheEO initiative.


Why SheEO?

I am a firm believer in the power of social enterprise. 

Humans are an ingenious species, and I am confident in our ability to innovate and evolve. In our current society, capitalism is king (for better or for worse). Social entrepreneurs represent a new approach to capitalism. They are solving human, social, and ecological issues while providing goods and services to customers. They are more financially sustainable, rather than being dependent on grants.

Unfortunately, capitalism (and venture capital in particular) is still a boy’s club. It’s dominated by wealthy men who tend to value toughness, ruthlessness, and cut-throat competition in business.

By virtue of this old boy’s club, female entrepreneurs have a harder time accessing capital to grow their businesses even though gender diversity on the executive team has resulted in a 35% higher return on equity and better capital efficiency. According to the Diana Report looking at venture capital investments between 2011-2013, female entrepreneurs received only 3% of the dollars invested. 

This gap is unacceptable. In a sustainable economy, all entrepreneurs will have the resources and capital they need to grow and thrive.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t an investment. Participants are donating this money with no expectation of getting it back, Providing no-interest loans to entrepreneurs is what I call ‘recyclable philanthropy’. It means that a donation, by virtue of being a loan rather than a grant, will get payed back and loaned out again and again in perpetuity. It’s awesome that SheEO has found business partners to cover the admin costs, so all of the money is going to the entrepreneurs.

I’m sponsoring my sister Christie for this program because I love and cherish her. She’s opened so many doors for me in this world, and I feel blessed to be at a point in my career where I can give this gift on her behalf.

As an activator, she will contribute her insight and creativity to help the chosen businesses succeed. Her experiences as a mom in the nonprofit sector will be of huge benefit to the entrepreneurs. She knows how hard it is to find a balance between business and family, and will model empathy and compassion through the process. 

Additionally, It will give my sister access to an unbelievable network of amazing women across the country (and eventually the world). My hope is that it inspires her to stay on her journey of social change and community-building. I’m also sponsoring her with my two-year old niece in mind. I want Evelyn to grow up in a world where women support each other in the business world, knowing that her wildest dreams are attainable.

Call to Action 

The deadline for women to become activators in the first round is Friday November 27th. If this message resonates, I urge you to join the network by clicking here and performing an act of radical generosity. You’ll be helping to build a business model that has the potential to scale globally, and connect thousands of women with millions of dollars in cities around the planet. 

To my fellow men, I ask you to be better allies for women in business (and everywhere). It’s not enough to voice our support, we need to put our money where our values are. Become a role model by sponsoring a remarkable woman in your life. You’ll be empowering her to participate in an unforgettable experience that aims to inspire and empower. It might be the best gift you ever give.

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