Is Sandy America’s ‘AHA’ Moment on Climate Change?

businessweek-cover-225x300.jpgWe’ve known it for years: climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the future of our economy, society, and planet.

But for some reason, Americans in large part were in denial.  Perhaps it was the overt skepticism promoted by the Heartland Institute.  Maybe it was rebellion against Al Gore and his holier-than-thou whilst guilt-ridden messaging.  Ah forget it, let’s just blame the Koch Brothers and be done with it.

Regardless, it’s become clear this week that America is waking up to the reality of a changed climate.  All it took was a massive storm straight to the heart of capitalism.  Occupy Wall Street’s got nothing on Sandy.

My heart’s been warmed by the articles I’ve been reading from mainstream financial sources.  Not only are they acknowledging that climate change is real, they are openly debating market solutions.  Hurricane Sandy has succeeded where many have failed.  If only for a fleeting moment, climate change is a very real concern for America.  My hope is that all this talk will soon lead to action, and that a price on carbon will become a legitimate solution to both the changing climate and America’s fiscal crisis.

Here are a few of the articles that I hope economists are reading:

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