Green Transition Scoreboard®

GTS_2013_Logo.pngTHE GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® (GTS) is a time-based global tracking of the private financial system for all sectors involved with green markets, producing a transparent line of sight toward the ethical progress of wealth building as defined by the triple bottom line of planet, people and profits.

The GTS logo represents a visual symbol for inevitable human progress whose barometer rises, away from the symbols of the out-dated Fossil Fuel Era, as green investments increase over the next ten years and we enter the next economy – the age of light.

Download the March, 2013 report that details more than $4.1 trillion of private investments in the global green economy.

The GTS was created and realized by Hazel Henderson and Ethical Markets Media. It is updated and maintained by Ethical Markets Media, LLC. Financial data and organizations included in the GTS are screened by the strictest of rigorous social, environment, and ethical auditing standards.

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