Canadian Impact Investment Matrix

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As foundations, endowments, and pensions seek out alternative investment strategies to diversify and strengthen their portfolio, many are beginning to align their portfolio with their core values.  Unfortunately, many investors don’t know where to start.  With over one hundred investment vehicles available to Canadian investors, the following Matrix is an attempt to map out the landscape of investments that achieve both a financial return anda positive social or environmental impact.  The Matrix was built by Strategic Sustainable Investments for Community Foundations of Canada in advance of CFC’s day-long workshop with the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network and Philanthropic Foundations Canada on May 11th.

We selected asset classes that should be familiar to seasoned investors, with a particular focus on themes that match the missions of many community and private family foundations.  We divided the Matrix into two sections: Direct investments in projects or companies from debt finance to private equity; and Market investments in stocks, bonds, and ETFs.

This landscape is constantly evolving, and new funds are created every year.  This matrix represents a snapshot of the landscape in May, 2011.  Although comprehensive, it is not exhaustive.  If you know an investment vehicle that has been omitted, please contact us so that we can add it.

DISCLAIMER: Strategic Sustainable Investments and Community Foundations of Canada are not recommending or endorsing any of the investment products in our Matrix.  This tool is for informational purposes only, and we suggest you speak to a financial expert before investing.

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